We are raffling off Marie’s creepy painting. It’s weirdly the same creepy painting from Chris’s youth and her cat is not at all pleased with it’s presence in her house.

The Crying Boy

is a mass-produced print of a painting by Italian painter Giovanni Bragolin.There are numerous versions all are said to carry a curse In 1985, the British tabloid newspaper The Sun reported that an Essex firefighter claimed that undamaged copies of the painting were frequently found amidst the ruins of burned houses. By the end of November The Sun was organising mass bonfires of the paintings. Punt PI, investigated the curse of the crying boy and the conclusion was that the prints were treated with a varnish containing fire retardant, and that the string holding the painting to the wall would be the first to deteriorate, resulting in the painting landing face down on the floor and thus being protected. 

Pogo the Clown

painted by John Wayne Gacy while on death row. John Wayne Gacy spent the last 14 years of his life oil painting. After the Gacy’s execution in 1994, the Pogo the Clown painting passed hands several times. Singer, Nikki Stone, purchased Gacy’s painting for $3,000 in 2001. Stone arranged to have it stored at a friend’s house, whose neighbour suddenly died in a car crash. A second friend then offered to look after the piece. Yet, the haunting glare of Gacy’s Pogo haunted the man until he attempted suicide. Stone had no choice but to sell the painting. Shawn McCarron, another of Stone’s friends entrusted with the painting, also revealed that: “People do ask to see it. They get a chill through their body. I’ve had people say, ‘Oh my God, put that back in the box.’Another famous owner of the piece was the actor, Johnny Depp. 

The Hands Resist Him

Was offered on ebay is covered on a older episode.

The Anguished Man

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